Andres LeonRangel

Platform Engineer - DevOps Mindset

Auckland , New Zealand

Expert cloud engineer, DevSecOps resilient solutions, SRE, and high-velocity software delivery

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Andres Leon-Rangel
  • Andres Leon-Rangel
  • December 10, 1990
  • New Zealand
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  • Contact me on LinkedIn

Currently serving at Accenture Serving from Sept 2021

Hands-on Cloud Software Engineer with over a decade of experience in driving cloud adoption and modernization for global enterprises. Specialized in AWS, Azure, and GCP, with a knack for architecting secure, resilient cloud solutions. A passionate, practical learner and problem solver, contributing to New Zealand’s booming IT sector. Proficient in design, development, deployment, and optimization of cloud-native applications and DevSecOps best practices. Instrumental in migrating legacy systems to the public cloud AWS, Azure and GCP.

My Soft Skills

I love creativity in solutions, the value of sketching and modelling systems to see different perspectives. To solve a problem identify the problem first. The approach I learned


I have never had a day at work that feels the same. Working in the career that you choose should be fun! Work has purpose and should be fun and enjoyable. A mindset like that allows a creative mind to flow and thrive


Ability to easily adapt true interest in people. Every person is a complete universe and all skills play a role in the achievement of goals for the team

Technical Skills
A collaborative, experimental mindset to create high quality processes and products.

Systems Thinking problem solving skills developing, installing, configuring, managing, monitoring, tweaking and even reporting bugs. Some of the systems i have worked with: TIBCO, Financial Back ends, stock exchange legacy systems, a Huge Telco environment, Enterprise Service Buses, Service Oriented Computing. My main expertise is Cloud Computing with AWS and Azure. I have experimented with Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud

Inspirational Quote

Formulating a problem is more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of math or experimental skill. Creative imagination raises new questions, new possibilities,a new angle to regard old problems... marks real advances in science.
Albert Einstein
Definetely love them. I started learning the basics with pseudo code to evolve my learning into basic C the GrandFather of languages. I went to develop a simple video game in Java to learn Object Oriented Programming concepts. Python came to my life to help solve automation problems. Javascript has been useful to me.
SQL=Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix.

Andres Leon Rangel CV

Industry Knowledge
Micro Services Architecture
Docker Containers
Sofware Engineering
Programming Skills
Soft Skills
Languages and hobbies Skills
Fluent - Bilingual
Scuba Diving
Love NZ diving!
Exploring NZ
My Resume
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Work Experience
  • DevOps Engineer 2018 - 2020
    Deref New Zealand

    Actively involved in CI/CD for different clients. Containerise apps, deliver them via IaaC. Run and monitor the clouds specially AWS. Automate with Python and bash. Deliver software with a mix of products Atlassian, Jenkins, Spinnaker.

  • Software Process Developer 2015 - 2017
    Iron Mountain Colombia

    In short, I released the first BPMS as a Service for a health and nutrition client in Colombia, South America.

  • Integration Developer 2013 - 2015
    Bogota Telco ETB

    As member of the ESB team I monitored production, managed dev and Prod env, delivered many automated web services to ensure integrity of the system. I contributed an automated reporting system that encrypts reports in an SFTP.
    Worked as part of 2 companies for the same client Wipro and SQDM

  • Software Developer 2011 - 2013
    Colombian Stock Exchange

    Sopohos bankings solutions hired me to be full time at client location. Developer for the web portal and Integration service Bus. Achieved the creation of a service to transfer data from mainframe database to the transactional system DB.

  • Master Service Computing 2017 - 2018
    Auckland University of Technology AUT New Zealand

    MSOC masters: built on my professional experience in the information technology industry. Cloud computing, service science and service-oriented computing. latest trends in practice and research. Research on BPMS with IoT in the cloud.

  • Bachelor Systems Engineer 2010 - 2015
    Catholic University of Colombia

    A 5 year super cool degree. Thesis in learning software for children in a SOA Service Oriented Architecture

  • Evangelism Explosion NZ 2018 - 2020

    Content manager and web developer for the website.

    I started Volunteering in 2014 for one school in a slum from Colombia. The experience encouraged me to proceed.


Professional Timeline

Blog - IT Blogposts

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DevOps the frugal way...

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  • October 10, 2016
  • by Andres Leon Rangel
  • DevOps, software development, CI/CD

The automation of a billing process running in a private cloud. The process was offered to Abbott (company that produces Ensure health drink). An Amazing project that started me as a DevOps engineer without knowing what it truly meant!

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  • July 23, 2018
  • by Sweanie Larie Flores Leon
  • Inspiring, DevOps, love, curiosity, writing, thoughts, girlsTech

My wife gives an interesting view on DevOps. Her background is non-IT. She is a great nurse who became a children's teacher by passion.

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