Andres LeonRangel

Platform Engineer - DevOps Mindset

Auckland , New Zealand

My goal is to achieve CI/CD Releasing software safely, reliably & continously

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Profile - About Me

Andres Leon-Rangel
  • Andres Leon-Rangel
  • December 10, 1990
  • Auckland , New Zealand
  • Contact me on LinkedIn
  • Contact me on LinkedIn

Currently serving at Accenture hired Sept 2021 Cloud Computing and strong DevOps Practices.

Contributor to New Zealand booming Information Technology sector. Communication, Developer of skills, Passionate, practical learner, Curious, Creative, Doer, Includer, Activator, Positivity, enjoys problem solving with software engineering.

My Soft Skills

I love creativity in solutions, the value of sketching and modelling systems to see different perspectives. To solve a problem identify the problem first. The approach I learned


I have never had a day at work that feels the same. Working in the career that you choose should be fun! Work has purpose and should be fun and enjoyable. A mindset like that allows a creative mind to flow and thrive


Ability to easily adapt true interest in people. Every person is a complete universe and all skills play a role in the achievement of goals for the team

My Hard Skills
A safe mindset of collaboration and experimentation to produce high quality processes and products.

My involvement with systems includes: developing, installing, configuring, managing, monitoring, tweaking and even reporting bugs. Some of the systems i have worked with: TIBCO, Financial Back ends, stock exchange legacy systems, a Huge Telco environment, Enterprise Service Buses, Service Oriented Computing. My main expertise is Cloud Computing with AWS and Azure. I have experimented with Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud

A quote that has inspired me:

Formulating a problem is more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of math or experimental skill. Creative imagination raises new questions, new possibilities,a new angle to regard old problems... marks real advances in science.
Albert Einstein
Definetely love them. I started learning the basics with pseudo code to evolve my learning into basic C the GrandFather of languages. I went to develop a simple video game in Java to learn Object Oriented Programming concepts. Python came to my life to help solve automation problems. Javascript has been useful to me.
SQL=Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix.

Andres Leon Rangel Resume - CV

Industry Knowledge
Micro Services Architecture
Docker Containers
Sofware Engineering
Programming Skills
Soft Skills
Languages and hobbies Skills
Fluent - Bilingual
Scuba Diving
Love NZ diving!
Exploring NZ
My Resume
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Work Experience
  • DevOps Engineer 2018 - 2020
    Deref New Zealand

    Actively involved in CI/CD for different clients. Containerise apps, deliver them via IaaC. Run and monitor the clouds specially AWS. Automate with Python and bash. Deliver software with a mix of products Atlassian, Jenkins, Spinnaker.

  • Software Process Developer 2015 - 2017
    Iron Mountain Colombia

    In short, I released the first BPMS as a Service for a health and nutrition client in Colombia, South America.

  • Integration Developer 2013 - 2015
    Bogota Telco ETB

    As member of the ESB team I monitored production, managed dev and Prod env, delivered many automated web services to ensure integrity of the system. I contributed an automated reporting system that encrypts reports in an SFTP.
    Worked as part of 2 companies for the same client Wipro and SQDM

  • Software Developer 2011 - 2013
    Colombian Stock Exchange

    Sopohos bankings solutions hired me to be full time at client location. Developer for the web portal and Integration service Bus. Achieved the creation of a service to transfer data from mainframe database to the transactional system DB.

  • Master Service Computing 2017 - 2018
    Auckland University of Technology AUT New Zealand

    MSOC masters: built on my professional experience in the information technology industry. Cloud computing, service science and service-oriented computing. latest trends in practice and research. Research on BPMS with IoT in the cloud.

  • Bachelor Systems Engineer 2010 - 2015
    Catholic University of Colombia

    A 5 year super cool degree. Thesis in learning software for children in a SOA Service Oriented Architecture

  • Evangelism Explosion NZ 2018 - 2020

    Content manager and web developer for the website.

    I started Volunteering in 2014 for one school in a slum from Colombia. The experience encouraged me to proceed.


Professional Timeline

Blog - IT Blogposts

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  • by Andres Leon Rangel
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DevOps the frugal way...

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  • October 10, 2016
  • by Andres Leon Rangel
  • DevOps, software development, CI/CD

The automation of a billing process running in a private cloud. The process was offered to Abbott (company that produces Ensure health drink). An Amazing project that started me as a DevOps engineer without knowing what it truly meant!

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  • July 23, 2018
  • by Sweanie Larie Flores Leon
  • Inspiring, DevOps, love, curiosity, writing, thoughts, girlsTech

My wife gives an interesting view on DevOps. Her background is non-IT. She is a great nurse who became a children's teacher by passion.

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